Order Your Spirit Wear Today!

Nothing shows your true colors like team spirit. And we’ve got just the look you’re looking for. And if not, send us your special requests and we might incorporate them into our offerings! Oh, and the above post was made in reference to current leadership. It’s time for change!

Oh, and if you took offense to the above graphic, you might want to take a look at the current leadership. It’s not “anti-union.” Their actions and behaviors are what’s anti-union and what prompted a Black organizer dedicated to educational justice and our community’s youth to make this post in 2016. Their insatiable appetite for power has corrupted the once sacred institution of solidarity and collective bargaining. President for life and those loyal to him are the ones who are destroying it from within.  Teacher leaders have been trying to take back their union since long before then, and NOW is that moment they’ve been waiting for. 

It’s time for change! Won’t you support them? Help us amplify their message, not only to the community that is impacted by their failures, but to the current and retired JCTA members who have a limited window of opportunity to vote in Anyone but Brent 2.0 during the election window of January 31 and February 7, 2024.



It’s Our Time, JCTA!

These “red for ed” long sleeve shirts look great whether you are turning out for your favorite JCTA Candidate during the 2024 Elections, or you are swarming in a sea of red in Frankfort, as they continue to try to divide and segregate our district, against taxpayers’ and stakeholders’ will! Prices starting at $19. Please allow 10 business days for order fulfillment after the deadline.

Team Kenyata

One of the candidates for President has her own swag store. Click on the link to order your Better with Bacon  short sleeve or Team Kenyata long sleeve shirts, as well as yard signs, window decals and more.

Visit www.TeamKenyata.com.

If you are a candidate for office and would like to set up your own swag shop, contact us, and we will add it here.

Being a Dad
(Or Mom) Moment

Many were supportive of JCPS Superintendent Dr. Pollio when his tolerance for questions from reporters met its limit. His reaction, that he was “Being a Dad,” made national headlines. Many watching from the sidelines expressed that they could relate, as that’s all many of us felt we were doing when we pushed back on his poorly handled decisions. We were “being a mom” (or dad).