When our coalition was approached about underwriting a fundraising and awareness campaign to support the victims of sexual assault in JCPS, by utilizing our organizational talents, wholesale vendors and marketing genius, plus a $1,000 microloan to get things off the ground, how could we say “NO?” An up front investment into sample tshirts to give away as they launch the JCPS Victims’ Defense Fund helped pay for tshirt blanks and transfers, and volunteers, victims and advocates helped write and assemble the materials and distribute them.

What does this have to do with the JCTA Elections? We recognize these patterns of turning a blind eye and sweeping problems under the rug is a district-wide problem that affects all stakeholder groups, but when it comes to ignoring harms to children, that’s EVERYONE’s issue. And teachers are mandatory reporters who tell us they HAVE come forward to no avail. Our coalition, which traces its roots back to 2002 under the direction of respected leaders like Anne Braden, is here to support teachers and parents when their own organizational representatives don’t. 

Here’s a story published last summer. However, we were recently contacted by several victim groups and advocates asking for our help out of concern that certain predators are being protected. Their fear also originates out of the very distinct possibility that these predators could return to the scene of the crime to continue to bully, threaten and silence those who know the sordid truth. We have every reason to believe these victims and when you hear their stories, IF they ever get due process, you will to. 

A JCPS Employee Was Accused of Having Sex With Students


We are the Coalition for the Peoples Agenda Education Committee. We are small but we are mighty. Thank you for your support of these student victims who have been denied due process, and the adults who have tried to keep them safe to no avail.  Please consider purchasing a shirt, making a donation or sharing the message. Thank you.